With GH¢500, he started a Rabbitry with just 2 Rabbits, He now has over 50

After staying home for over 2 years without a job, Donaldson Nhyira Boateng was advised by a friend to go into rabbit farming. It seemed like a good idea but Donaldson didn’t have any money to even begin. He lost his job as a forex trader in the latter part of 2017.

“A good samaritan, Mr. Gabby Luxy II gave me an amount of GH¢500 which I used to buy my first cage for the animals and 2 rabbits, a male and a female” he told Wundef.com.

On 13th October 2020, Donaldson Nhyira Boateng started Adypah Farms. Along the way, other people supported him to buy additional female rabbits. He now had 4 female rabbits, which were able to give him 28 young ones but 7 of them died.

“I had zero cedis in my account because of my long stay in the house without a job. Mr. Kojo Bonsu, Esther Osei and Clifford really helped me to get this far” he said. “They invested some money into the farm. They believed in my vision so helped financially.”

Adypah Farms currently has over 50 rabbits within 6 months and also supports other people who wish to set up rabbitries. They provide feed and supplements for rabbit farmers and sell cages and feeding troughs.

Donaldson hopes to own one of the largest Rabbitry in Ghana with a meat production unit. He also has plans of entering into egg production within the next 5 years.

“I also want to own an eatry and cold stores” he revealed.

You can contact Adypah Farms via email: hisfavouratall@gmail.com or by phone 0233 245 130 697 / 0233 540 956 125. They can be located behind Ablekuma Post Office in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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