Shadows of the Past

When Fredrick Fabena Facio received a message that he was wanted at the headmistress’ office, his heart skipped a beat for he knew what it meant to be summoned to that tinny office of the headmistress popularly known as THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Yes, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT – THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE because nobody summoned to that office had ever come out a happy person and still maintaining a fresh face . Mr. Fredrick Fabena Facio was visibly shaking as the sweat emanating from the pores of his skin could fill a bucket.
In order to regain his confidence, he asked the messenger to tell the sender of his intention to honour her call.

It appeared that Mr. Facio had defaulted in writing his lesson note for the past 4weeks and was badly needed to appear before the “Committee of eminent judges” of the school to answer some questions. Having lost in thought, he sought the advice of his BOSS, Isaac Samespirit Hudson – – the Central Bank of all tricks (Adwenkɛseɛ Hene). Within a matter of seconds, Mr. Hudson came up with the best of all tricks and quickly whispered it into the ears of Mr. Facio.

At the office, the panel members were anxiously waiting for him to appear to be quizzed for his inactions.
On the right hand side of the long table was Mr. A, wearing a century old spectacle at his nose level like a village headmaster followed by Dr. Dee, disappointedly seated at the left hand side with his protruding stomach in the air. Occupying the tail end of the table was Mrs. T, the iron lady, known for assigning the popular phrase to some group of people , THE GREEDY BASTARDS (Referring to Fredrick Fabena Facio, Isaac Samespirit Hudson and Kwame Jérémie Dzimeyor).

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In no time, Mr. Facio arrived at the office holding his tummy. He was gritting in pain. Alarmed by this, Mrs. T quickly got up from her chair with her eyes widely opened. She asked, “What is wrong with you”? Mr. Fredrick Fabena Facio answered, ” my tummy. I need to visit the gent. I haven’t been there for the past one week. I am really suffering”.

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Dr. Dee then asked him to quickly pay a visit to the white house and come back for his questions.
Still holding his tummy and now his buttocks, he limped like a stray dog and headed towards the direction of the white house.

Forty-five minutes had passed and there was no sign of Mr. Facio appearing. Mrs T took the pain to check and there was no sign of him. “He is gone”, complained Mrs. T.

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Mr. Facio couldn’t have withstood the heavy punches from the panel so he jumped over the 10ft wall of the school to escape such a nightmarish experience.

With masks of anger on the faces of Mr. A, Dr. D and Mrs. T, the trio began to leave the office.

Osei Prempeh Agyeman


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