Natural Ways To Have Butt Enlargement

With the influence of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, having a big butt is now considered sexy. In order to have the same big butt as these two celebrities, some women have resorted to using the extreme method of eating oily food. In view of this, I will now present some natural ways to have butt enlargement so that you don’t put your health at risk.

Before we go into all the methods you can use to make your butt bigger, here are some benefits of having a big butt:-

1) Have you heard the saying that a sexy body begins with a great butt? That statement is really true and when you have a great looking butt, your body will look sexy as well.

2) You will definitely draw attention from both genders when you have a sexy butt. Men will be drawn to you because of your sexy body, whereas women will look at you enviously because of the great assets you have.

3) With all the attention that you are getting every day, your self-esteem will definitely improve and you will feel this new confidence growing each and every day.

In order to enlarge your butt naturally, you can practice exercises that target certain areas of your lower body i.e. leg lifts, duck squat and stair climbing.

1) Leg Lifts

Begin this exercise with your face down and support your body with your forearms.

Next, lift and extend your leg towards the back and as high as possible. Once this is done, slowly bring your leg down without actually touching the ground. Lift your leg again and repeat this for a few times. After this, switch to the other leg and repeat the same exercise.

2) Duck squat

As indicated by the name, this is a squatting exercise which targets your inner thigh. It will be good if you can use weights for this exercise.

Place your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width and then begin to squat slowly; then begin to raise your body up and squat down again. Repeat this for up to 10 times and if you want a more challenging exercise, add weights to increase the level of resistance.

3) Stair climbing

This is probably the most common exercise that you can do provided you have stairs. You can do this exercise at your office, home or any public areas with stairs.

There is nothing complicated about this exercise, just walk up and down the stairs. I would recommend walking instead of running to avoid any injury to you.

When you consistently work on these exercises that target your lower body, you will have naturalĀ butt enlargement. This is also a healthy method as it shapes your lower body while pumping your heart simultaneously.


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