Natural Options for Rhematoid Arthritis

There are many different natural treatments for Rhematoid Arthritis, and each one may work differently for each different person.

Some say that changing your diet can effectively help reduce or relieve the symptoms of arthritis. There are others who believe that you can make huge changes with your arthritis symptoms by using natural supplements. Here are some of the most common natural treatments for arthritis.

Eliminating Foods Which May Worsen Symptoms:

Eating food high in saturated fat can really make your symptoms worse. Also, your symptoms can be magnified through cayenne pepper, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

If you are not sure if these foods affect you are not, eliminate them from your diet for a month and see how you feel.

Eating Foods that are said to help:

Many recommend getting your full servings for fruits and veggies each day along with a lot of whole grains like brown rice, whole grain bread and oats as this can help to relieve your symptoms. At least it wouldn’t hurt to try it out right? Ginger is one herb that has performed quite well in helping people to relieve their Rhematoid Arthritis symptoms effectively. By taking a half a teaspoon a day, some people find that it lessens the symptoms, or the intensity of those symptoms. Many people have also fallen in love with Fish oil and call it a wonder supplement for their arthritis.


There are many herbs, such as Dandelion Root and Chamomile that some sufferers of Rhematoid Arthritis swear by. These herbs are said to be anti-inflammatory, and so reduce the pain and symptoms of this disease. These can be purchased and brewed in a tea.

To help cut the excess sugar out of your daily diet, consider replacing it with honey. Anyone who thinks they have arthritis should speak with their doctor to come up with a plan of treatment. Some herbs may interact with certain prescription medications so make sure to clear them with your doctor or pharmacist.

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