7 Ways To Enlarge Penis Size But Do Any Of Them Work?

When it comes to male penis size most guys have dreamed of having a bigger penis at some stage in their lives, and some will try anything to get one!

So what’s the big deal about male penis size? Is it to please your partner; to show off in front of the guys; because it makes you feel ‘more of a man’ or maybe because you’ve just watched a porno movie and are suffering from ‘Male Penis Size Deficiency Syndrome’.

The Average Male Penis Size Revealed

The average size of a penis for an adult male measures about 6-7 inches long when erect and around 3-4 inches in the flaccid state and that’s whether you are black or white, young or old: It’s the accepted average male penis size and most guys fit the bill quite nicely – So why the big scramble to get a bigger penis size?

I guess one answer could be “My girlfriend has just had surgery to get bigger boobs to make me happy so why shouldn’t I go and get myself a huge penis to make her happy?”

If that’s the case and having a bigger penis size would make your life sweeter then why not? All the methods are out there to help increase the size of a penis, so do your research into what’s going to suit you and go ahead.

7 Methods To Increase The Size Of A Penis

The most commonly known methods to increase male penis size are;

  • Pills
  • Patches
  • Pumps
  • Weights
  • Exercises
  • Surgery
  • Extenders

Pills– One of the most common methods to increase the size of a penis with adverts everywhere in magazines and on the net. They usually consist of natural herbs or vitamins that are supposed to help enlarge the male penis when taken on a daily basis, as part of your diet. There is little proof of them working so far, and in some cases have even been known to give harmful side-effects.

Patches– Applying a patch to your arm and then forgetting all about it is considered a more convenient way of having a measured dose of essential minerals and vitamins slowly fed into your system as opposed to remembering to take your daily pills. Results again show a very little positive effect on the increase of male penis size.

Pumps– Supposed to add much-wanted inches to the penis, but never proven. Vacuum pumps are also used in cases of severe erectile dysfunction to help gain an erection. They work by creating extra strong blood flow into the penis to make the erection stronger, but if used longer than recommended, or used incorrectly, they can cause tissue damage and consequently result in much weaker erections.

Weights– This method goes right back into the mists of time and is thought to be the original way of increasing male penis size but who in their right mind could possibly put up with hanging a set of heavyweights from their penis for up to 8 hours a day? Unfortunately, no evidence would suggest any real penis enlargement – only possible permanent damage.

Exercise– Jelqing is the term used for a hand by hand movement to squeeze the blood through the penis from the base to the tip in order to gain extra thickness and length. It is considered a little safer than some other methods to increase the size of the penis but can be dangerous and cause scarring and disfigurement. As far as getting a bigger penis size is concerned there are no definite results or conclusions.

Surgery– There are various surgical methods purporting to give a bigger penis but all come with a great risk of unwanted side-effects such as a deformed penis shape, infection problems or heavy bleeding. This really is the last resort for increasing male penis size with the risks greatly outnumbering the results!

Extenders РOut of all the methods used this is the only one that has shown clear, positive and ongoing success in obtaining a bigger penis. Penis size gains of almost 1 inch in 4 months are reported from urologists based in Spain and Italy, which is fairly impressive. Basically, a device that stretches the penis and encourages new and permanent cell growth; it is worn beneath the clothing on a daily basis until the desired size has been achieved.

Is It Really Possible To Increase Male Penis Size?

The basic answer is yes! You can increase the size of your penis providing you choose the right method.

And now you know the main 7 methods to increase male penis size it is all down to personal choice and preference, taking into account your budget, lifestyle and convenience. The choices are there and range considerably in both costs and results.


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