How To Treat Epilepsy With Home Remedies

Epilepsy comes in the category of nerve-related physical disorders. In this disease, the normal electrical activity of the brain is interrupted resulting seizures in patients.


In the attack of epilepsy, most of the patients become unconscious and the vision turns black for some time. Even in some of the cases patient loses power over senses and start jerking or beating various parts of the body.

Epilepsy cannot be cured completely but can be managed to some extent. Hence the family members of epilepsy patients need to be careful so that the patient can lead a healthy life.

Life style management is most important and essential aspect of epilepsy. Here are certain advices which need to be followed by the patient and family members.

The epilepsy patient should live in a peaceful and comfortable environment and should follow a very strict diet. If possible he/she should remain on fruit diet once a week, do some exercise daily and take small meals during the day instead of heavy meals.

•           Mud pack application is found to be very effective in this case, it decreases the incidence of epileptic attacks.

•           Fresh grape juice consumption does miracles for the epilepsy patients. 600 ml of grape juice should be consumed by them at least for 4-5 months daily. This simple cure can give wonderful results.

•           The patients should take bath in Epsom salt treated water; it will give good results and will reduce the frequency as well as severity of the epileptic attacks.

•           A hot patient should compress should be applied in the head part daily for 4- minutes; the patient will feel relaxed and soothing.

•           There should be strict prevention from all sorts of mental and physical stress if the patient wants to lead a consistently healthy life.

•           The patients are highly recommended to keep basil oil fragrance in the napkin or basil flowers with them all the time, as the sharp fragrance of basil aids in recovering from the epileptic seizures in a very short span of time.

•           The patients should consume the diet rich in Vitamin B6, as it is a good helpful dietaryremedy for them.

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