How to Manage Fatigue at the Workplace

Fatigue is a workplace hazard, and it needs to be managed in the same way as other hazards. Fatigue can reduce:

  • the ability to make decisions
  • communication skills
  • attention
  • the ability to handle stress
  • reaction time
  • productivity and performance

Hazards from fatigue can also result in increased errors in judgement.


Tips for employees At work:

  • vary work tasks so you stay alert
  • take regular breaks
  • tell your supervisor or manager if you’re feeling fatigued Outside of work:
  • Making sleep a priority
  • Improving the quality and quantity of your sleep; have a regular bed time routine, make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and comfortable; get treatment for sleep disorders
  • Choose what you eat and drink carefully: eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water; minimize your caffeine and alcohol intake, etc.


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