Give Yilo Krobo a Mango Processing Factory – Group to Gov’t

A youth group within the Eastern region – “Action Movement Youth” (AMY), is calling on His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo to give Yilo Krobo and its environs a mango processing factory.

Yilo krobo is one of the few leading mango farming districts in Ghana which makes it a hub for high demand of the best mangoes in varieties found in Ghana.

The district has begged for a Mango Processing Factory under the Nana Addo’s gov’t Flagship Programme since 2017, till date yet they do not get a hen coup from the government according to the group.

Yilo Krobo has never benefitted from any programme of this government. We already have the resources, we need a factory to process it, is this too much to ask? The convenor quizzed.

Several calls have been made yet, the gov’t is still adamant .

Somanya and Okwenya have been leading mango farming communities which is the major occupation of the inhabitants since time immemorial, people come from far and near to patronize, but we need a processing factory to turn the raw materials into finished goods.

We are appealing to the government to consider establishing a mango processing factory in the Yilo Krobo municipality.

 The District is endowed with the cultivation of mangoes which could be processed for export as well as creating jobs for the youth in Yilo Krobo.

We hope for the swift response and intervention from the President and Minister of Trade and Industry.

Thank you. 

Youth Convenor 

Moses Tettey Dometey (BOLA RAY JNR)

President of AMY Group

HP: 0246969345


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