A non-governmental organization (NGO) start-up has laid the foundation of the first 3D-printed school in Lviv city in Ukraine. They are doing this in partnership with the local government.

It’s the world’s first 3D-printed school to be built in a conflict zone amid the battle-damaged streets of Ukrainian city, Euronews reported on Friday.

Over 2,000 schools have been damaged or destroyed in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

“It saves time. It’s efficient as far as it concerns energy costs, and it’s going to be quick,” Charles Tiné, a TEAM4UA’s strategic committee member, told Euronews Next.

In collaboration with the regional administration and other enterprises using 3D technology to assist those who have been displaced by the crisis in Ukraine, TEAM4UA NGO implemented a unique proposal that has never been tried on the ground in the midst of a war.

According to the country’s defense ministry, “Save Schools” is a Ukrainian project that keeps track of all damaged and ruined schools in the country by compiling images of the destroyed buildings and the dates they were hit by shelling.



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