A Prayer-less Christian is the devil’s side chick…But A word-less and Prayer-less Christian is the Devil’s Main Chick, Facebook user tells Christians

A Facebook user who goes by the name, Amados Noel Ishmael Kwaku, has taken to his timeline to advice Christians against being prayer-less and not studying the word of God. His post, though controversial, has received the backing of a christian leader.

In two separate posts, the young man descended heavily on Christians who who are prayer-less, liking them to the side chicks or side guys of the devil. The posts which were made on Thursday evening seems a bit controversial but Ebenezer OheneYaw Mensah, the Founder of Youth for Christ Mission, when contacted by seems to agree with Amados Noel.

“A son who has no communication with his father is probably hanging out with someone who is telling him negative things about him. So if you claim you are a christian but do not pray to God then surely, you are hanging out with the devil”, Mr. OheneYaw told us.

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What do you also think about Noel’s post, leave your comments below.

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