21 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cocoyam Leaves (Kontonmire)


1. Boost Immune System

Cocoyam leaves are good for your immune health. You can find 145mgof vitamin in one cup of cocoyam leaves. This amount of vitamin C will cover the 86% of vitamin C that your body needs. So this will help your immune system to boost efficiency. If you want to keep your immune system fresh you can take cocoyam leaves.

2. Prevent Cancer

You have already known that cocoyam leaves are rich in vitamin c. The antioxidant property of cocoyam leaves can fight cancer. Cocoyam leaves kill the free radicals which are reason for developing cancer cells. So consumption of cocoyam leaves can reduce the risk of developing cancer diseases.You may also read 3 Amazing Benefits of Loroco Flower

3. Keep Eyes Healthy

Beside vitamin c, cocoyam leaves also contain a good amount of vitamin a. Taking cocoyam leaves can protect your eyes health with this vitamin a property. A research found that a serve of cocoyam leaves contains 123% vitamin c of our regular requirement. Myopia, blindness and cataract disease can be prevented by the consumption of cocoyam leaves. It will improve your vision power. It also can maintain your visual acuity.

4. Aid Digestion And Prevent Digestive Problems

Many people are suffering from several digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea, indigestion etc. Cocoyam leaves contain a higher amount of dietary fiber. This healthy property is very helpful to food digestion and absorption. So the people who are suffering from these digestive problems are highly recommended to take cocoyam leaves to cure.

5. Cholesterol Level Reduction

Cocoyam leaves is a cholesterol free food. It has almost no cholesterol and it includes less than 1% of harmful fat. So if you have a diet plan to not take cholesterol at all you can keep the cocoyam leaves on your meal. Cocoyam leaves are high in dietary fat and methionine which are very helpful to reduce the cholesterol from your body very effectively. So this is a perfect food to decrease the cholesterol level in your blood.

6. Help To Lose Weight

Cocoyam leaves have a very few amount of fat (only 1%) and it has a good amount of protein. So by the consumption of cocoyam leaves, you can have the best diet to lose some weight. But as it has a proper amount of protein it also helps to gain muscle. So, if you want to lose some weight and keep your body fit you should eat the cocoyam leaves. It will be a good diet plan for you without any doubt.

7. Reduce Inflammation

Consuming cocoyam leaves can be a good solution to reduce the inflammation. Cocoyam leaves have the omega 3 property which can control the inflammation procedure. The inflammatory substances can be controlled by the omega 3 property. It can also cure some diseases. Lupus, arthritis gastritis etc. diseases can be reduced by taking cocoyam leaves.

8. Protect The Nervous System

Many people feel the weak nerve system. This is not good for physical and mental health. Sometimes they may feel pain on their limbs. This is not a good sign for their nerve system. You can eat cocoyam leaves to get prevent from it. Cocoyam leaves contain riboflavin, vitamin b6, thiamin, niacin and vitamin b complex. These properties can protect the nervous system. Your immune system is also boosted by these healthy properties.

9. Control The Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem nowadays. Many people around the world are facing this problem. Blood pressure can be reduced by taking medicine but there are also natural ways. Eating cocoyam leaves is one of those natural ways. You have already known that cocoyam leaves have the omega 3 element which helps to produce the hormones that control the blood pressure.

10. Healthy Bone

Want a healthy bone? Cocoyam leaves can be the supplement to make your bones and teeth stronger. Cocoyam leaves have the calcium property which helps to form and maintain healthy bone. The leaves also contain phosphorus which is necessary to get strong teeth and bones.   So if you want a healthy bone and teeth try to consume the cocoyam leaves.

11. Fetal Brain And Nervous System Development

Cocoyam leaves are very effective in the development of fetal brain nervous system. So pregnant women can eat the cocoyam leaves for their babies. Cocoyam leaves contain the Folate element which is necessary for fetal brain and nervous system development. But you have to be very careful before eating it to make sure that it is clean.

12. Anaemia Prevention

To prevent anemia eating cocoyam leaves can be a good idea. The reason is that cocoyam leaves contain iron mineral and this element is helpful to form red blood cell. It is also rich in vitamin c which helps to absorb the iron property. So, a diet plan with cocoyam leaves is highly recommended by the specialists for preventing the anemia.

13. Fetal Bone And Teeth Development

Cocoyam leaves also contain with manganese property. This healthy element is necessary to form and develop fetal bone and teeth. So women can eat this cocoyam leaves when they are pregnant.

14. Prevention Of Preeclampsia In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can face several complications. Preeclampsia is one kind of complication which is caused by high blood pressure and it can harm to other organs. Most of the time it hampers the kidneys. The magnesium element in cocoyam leaves can reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia.

15. Reduce Wrinkle On The Skin

Threonine is an amino acid which is found in cocoyam leaves. This threonine property helps to form the elastin and collagen. A study found that elastin and collagen are very effective to make your skin healthy. It can help to reduce the wrinkle from the skin and make the skin healthy.

16. Quick Treatment Or Diarrhea

Cocoyam leaves can be used for the treatment of diarrhea. Cocoyam leaves has the zinc property which is very helpful to treat diarrhea problem. Zinc has the eligibility to prevent the diarrhea disease. It can stop the diarrhea instantly.

17. Very Good Energy Source

Cocoyam leaves contain the isoleucine amino acid which is very essential to function our body. It can produce energy for our body. Cocoyam leaves can be called as a good energy source because it contains this essential amino acid. This property can help to maintain the sugar level in our blood. It also improves the muscle strength. In this way, it can provide extra energy. If you go to work out then it would be great if you keep the cocoyam leaves on your diet plan.

18. Promote The Bone And Skin Healing

Enkephalins is an element which is called the natural painkiller. Leucine is an essential amino acid which releases this natural painkiller. This element has the ability to promote the bone and skin healing. Beside this, it can also reduce the pain.

19. Enhance The Memory And Mood

Dopamine is an essential monoamine neurotransmitter which is found in the brain and it can function the central nervous system. The interesting fact is that dopamine can control your mood and helps to enhance the memory. Cocoyam leaves have this dopamine property. So if you want to enhance your memory and control your mood you can consume the cocoyam leaves.

20. Help To Treat Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine addiction is a very common problem in the whole world. There are so many people who are addicted to the nicotine. But many of them also try to get rid of this addiction. For them consuming cocoyam leaf is a good idea. Cocoyam leaves contain tyrosine amino acid which helps to the people to reduce the addiction from nicotine. It also reduces the addiction to coffee and cocaine.

21. Increase Sperm Production

Reduction of sperm production is a rising problem among men. So men should be careful about this problem. It is important for the sustainability of the humankind. Arginine is an important amino acid which helps to increase the production level of sperm. Cocoyam leaves have this important amino acid. So men can consume it to increase their sperm production.


Source: menswelfare.com

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