10 Stupid Excuses People Give to justify Cheating in Relationships

Nobody wants to catch his/her partner cheating. The thought of it alone could make you go crazy. So it isn’t fun at all if your partner is caught cheating and he/she tries to give excuses to defend the act. They usually think those excuses are enough to put away the hurt in you but trust me, its better if they just apologize and end it there. has outlined 10 excuses that people who are caught cheating give to calm the other partner down. Read and tell us if we have left something out. We believe you have cheated on your partner or being cheated upon before. We are not the only ones.

1. It happened in Accra but I am now in Kumasi

The logic behind this one must be something like, “I’ll never see the person again, and you weren’t there anyway, so…” I guess it’s easy for some people to leave home (and everyone that goes with it) behind when they travel. Some men/women can travel from Bawku to Accra just for one night of sex, distance is nothing. A cheating partner will always find a way to meet someone no matter where they are.

2. It was just oral sex.

Does this even qualify to be a reason at all? What?! The moment you decided to lick her or she decided to suck your penis, it qualifies as cheating, bro. If you don’t like his dick, don’t suck it. If you don’t like her pussy, don’t lick it. Don’t even touch her breasts! Period. If you do,  then you are cheating. I hate discussing cheating. Anyway, lets move on.

3. It was a mistake

Hold on, hold on, make me understand this. She was just walking, slipped and fell on his dick, right? Or he also slipped, fell and his dick went right into the vagina of a lady who happened to be lying on the floor? Just tell him/her that you couldn’t control yourself, period! When you intentionally walk into his or her room, remove your cloths and moan during sex and later come out to say it was a mistake is like saying you thought it was a dream. Thank God that I am single. What a relief.

4. She is too young, You know I can’t marry her (Thunder fire your whole family)

Any man who tells you that the girl he cheated on you with is too young so you shouldn’t worry, that is a great cause for concern. Such men always want something fresher, tighter and innocent in bed, though some of these 18 year olds could shock you.

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Age shouldn’t justify cheating, whether it is a 26 years old lady sleeping with a 19 years old boy or a 30 years old man sleeping with a 18 years old girl. If you think their age wouldn’t make them dating or marrying possible, well, I give you the France President, Emmanuel Macron.

5. Nothing Emotional Is Going On

Is it really cheating if your heart remains with your partner, even while your genitals may wander elsewhere? Many would say that relationships are about love and passion, and if you’re not cheating when it comes to those feelings, then you’re not cheating at all, right? Well, many men are advised by their penises. If their penis loves where it went, their hearts could go there. Once you enjoy the sex, the likelihood of getting emotionally attached is possible.


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6. We used a condom

This is the weirdest excuse I have ever heard from a cheating partner! Using a condom is no excuse. You just feared you could get an STI or you were afraid she could get pregnant. Women ask men to use condom for the sake of their own safety, not because they still love their partners. Cheating is cheating, whether he went in raw or covered. A naked thief and a clothed thief are all thieves!

6. I was drunk

The “I was so drunk I had no idea what I was doing” excuse often backfires. After getting drunk, the only thing you could do was to have sex with someone? What about sleeping? Its true that some people feel the desire to have sex when drunk, but its still not an excuse.

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7. He is my ex, he wants to come back but I just gave him sex

Your ex is someone you’ve already tried to have a lasting relationship with, and it didn’t work out. However, you know you’re compatible in bed, so why not give it a go even though you’ve moved on romantically? Exes could destroy your happy relationship. Always remember why it didn’t work out in the first place.

8. Your Partner’s Cheating, Too

If you guys are both cheating, the digressions cancel each other out. You can now both consider your slates clean again. Bad justification! You might have cheated as revenge but it goes on to affect the trust you have for each other.

9. “Just the Tip”

Just the tip? Oh no! Once the tip goes in, trust me, the whole penis follows. Not a good excuse, dear, find another one.

10. Your Partner’s Out of Town

Few people are going to buy into this one, good luck but it is a bad excuse.


Bonus excuse

11. You Guys Are in a Fight

If you are fighting with your partner, stay back and fix things. Cheating on him or her is a temporary satisfaction that could lead to long term issues. Think of the consequences first.

What excuse did he/she give you for cheating on you? Leave your comments below.

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